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The spirit of discovery that created the polyolefins industry and one of the most versatile and widely used families of plastics in the world - polypropylene - is alive at HMC Polymers and through our technology and joint-venture heritage.

HMC Polymers offers exceptional service and value to our customers through a broad product portfolio manufactured in our latest technology production facilities. Our products improve the quality of life for people in Asia and around the world.   read more

Latest News

4 April 2019

HMC and SMC Joint Seminar HMC Polymers not only collaborates with customers to ensure our products address market needs, but we also work closely with machine... read more

29 March 2019

IEAT Awards HMC Polymers On 25 March 2019, HMC representatives, Khun Chairat Pathithat (Department Manager, HSEQ) and Khun Buphaphan Phantong (Public Affairs... read more

15 March 2019

Delegation Visit From Japan On Feb 6th, HMC had the honour of welcoming a guest delegation from Efpico Corporation (Japan PET Tray Association) and DIC Corporation... read more

8 January 2019

HMC Shows at ArabPlast HMC Polymers participated with joint venture associate LyondellBasell at ArabPlast 2019 in Dubai, UAE from the 5th-8th January. ArabPlast is... read more

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